Viola/harmonica/vocals Dan Graziani

Guitar/vocals Paul Chun

Guitar/vocals Brian Comerford

Drums Jim Janis

Bass George Malek

Manager Laura Masotti

A little about circle

“What goes around, comes around”

Circle is not just a name for a band, it’s a philosophy of life. There has never been a definite beginning and never will be a definite end to the band. The members of the band may change but the essence of the band will always remain constant as will the music. Change is inevitable and embraced.

We are all part of the bigger picture. All those we come in contact with we influence vice versa. We all strive to make this world a better place to live. The hippie subculture brought us closer to this goal. It’s cohesiveness came from music!! Truly amazing. We are looking for a new family for the upcoming milennium. A new hope. Music, the only commonality worldwide regardless of style, will help to carry us there.

As we have seen, music comes in and out of style over the years. There is a style and certain way of creating music that has by no means faded away. It is being expressed in new and exciting ways by an increasing number of bands. Circle prefers to stay true to the music in its raw form. If we can not recreate it live, we don’t play it. Some may appreciate it and others?!!

We are all a part of a circle. You just have to look for it. Trust us, it’s there!!

I’m a pony!!

Special thanks go out to Brent Brandon and Mark Hammrock from Soloman Grundy for helping us with editing and recording.

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